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Show Me the Light
Light shines through some storm clouds above treelike
Incoming Storm
A storm system quickly moves in as the sun sets at Great Sand Dunes National Park
Autumn Road
Peak foliage in the Colorado Rockies
Resilient Leaves
The last group of Aspen leaves hang on tight in an otherwise bare forest.
Desert Light
First light after a storm in western Colorado
Colorado Contrast
Dramatic sunset at Great Sand Dunes NP
Incredible Scale
Moody sunset at Great Sand Dunes NP with some hikers for scale
Layers of sand dunes and hikers
Sandy Shadowplay
Interesting shadows forming on the sand. The tiny orange dot in the background is a tent.
Dramatic Greyscale
Dramatic light from the rising sun in the high country.
Endless Sand
Light vs Dark
Dramatic sunset light in Rocky Mountain National Park.
TRR Sunset
Morrison Dreams
Scale of the "Dunes"
Dreamy Trail
Road to the Sky
Moody Longs
Mountain Layers
Alpine Mood
Downtown Monochrome
Dramatic Rainbow
Rocky Mountain Life
G'night Mountains
Framing in the City
Mile High Mood
Playing with Lines
Above the Clouds
Millennium Views
Long exposure in downtown Denver. I used Highland Bridge to frame Millennium Bridge in the background.
Golden Sunset
Sunset from the summit of Mount Evans in Colorado
Sunset at the Dunes
Playing with light and shadows at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.
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